Here are some comments from audience members:-

Charleston: ‘A gay outing’ (2009)
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance at Charleston this evening - the Chorus sounded great and the material was both unusual and unique ... the Elgar, in particular, was fab!

Choral Propaganda (2009)
I really enjoyed the performance. It touched a chord for all of us I think. We have all been victims for being "different to the rest", we have all been on the receiving end of prejudice. The music was inspiring and made me feel a sense of solidarity. The show was a great mixture of beautiful songs inspiring words and a bit of camp humor thrown in. Looking forward to the next performance.

A lot of hard work must have gone into the performance - and it showed. Rainbow Chorus sounded very professional and gave a really enjoyable and varied performance. (From 3Weeks magazine)

and some comments from choir members (not asked for, just shared after our concerts or generally):-

General choir goodness ...
I LOVE being in this choir - as daft as it sounds, I often feel quite weepy, both during rehearsals and at the pub, etc. Thank you ALL for helping to making Rainbow Chorus one of the best things I've ever seen come out of an LGBT community (says veteran dykester of 32 years...)

Pop Goes the Rainbow (2010)
I really, really, really think last nights' was such fun and I was so proud to be part of the Rainbow Chorus.

As you may know Christmas last year was my first ever concert, I was a complete chorus virgin, and I was so blown away by the whole thing that I think I gushed for weeks afterwards (not a pretty sight!). But guys and gals last night was absolutely phenomenal, I can only agree ... that, as well as the great performances the spirit amongst us was absolutely fabulous! I can't thank you all enough for being there not only last night but every rehearsal, it is truly one of the best decisions I have made in my life to join RC. Thank you ALL so much and I'm looking forward to Monday more than ever.

I just wanted to say my big thanks to you all last night - I was really proud, pleased and smiling to be performing with such a bunch of great singers and a fine group of people. For me, both concerts, but last night's especially, had a real feeling of connection, camaraderie and warmth amongst us which I think is something very special.

Hallelujah! It’s Christmas (2009)
I know I'll be missing you all on Monday evenings and I still have bits of Messiah running through my head. Joining the choir is the best thing I did in 2009 by far!!!

I can only repeat what I have been saying over the last few days, I am so grateful to you ALL for the marvellous time I have had since joining you. Last night was one of the most satisfying and happy times I have had in many years! I have no doubt that the experience you guys have given me has sparked a dear and obsessive interest that will endure and I look forward to the next experience with you all!

What a wonderful evening last night was. It made me feel privileged,and proud to be a member of the Rainbow Chorus. All my friends who were present commented that the musicality, and sound that we produced was both glorious, and stunning. They said that they knew we would be good, but didn’t realise just how good we were, praise indeed I think. How heart warming it was also to see how well supported we were by the people of Brighton and Hove, and no doubt further afield even.

Thank you all very much for making me so welcome as a new member to the choir. I’ve had a lovely time since joining you and am looking forward to many more.
Everyone has been so friendly and just plain nice. Last night was a wonderful experience. I was really gobsmacked by the talent of our soloists and I thought the whole programme went brilliantly. The warm and supportive feeling in the choir came through to the audience – my friends in the audience who had never heard the Chorus before said what a nice bunch of people you are. I couldn’t agree more!

Choral Propaganda (2009)
I had two very hard to please guests in the audience and they were both very impressed. Our best concert yet! Well done.

I was thrilled to see so many people when we went on stage. I hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as me; I so love singing with all of you and look forward to whatever we're up to next :-)

Wow – didn’t we do well? I had such a good time with you all last night. This is a very personal take on the night but I am sure we all have the comments of our own friends and relatives that we can share. The response from my group in the audience was fantastic. [My people] are notoriously hard to please but we got praise for all sorts of aspects of the night – the ‘light and shade’ of the repertoire (my mum) and she said we sang Va Pensiero much better than her choir. She loved the Lavender Song – her education has come a long way since I came out. My brother thought Coal for Mike was ‘excellent’ and ‘very powerful’ while Advance Democracy left them reeling. And they all thought the staging added so much. So, let’s enjoy our success and recognise that what we do is entertain people – and we did that in spades.

Fabulous night! What a bunch.... so proud to be up there with you; I can't think that there's anybody else I'd rather share a stage with! And that Diggers Song, what a treat that was!

Dear all - first chance I've had at PC since last night, but I'd like to echo all that's been said about last night - and more - I was deeply disappointed not to be singing with you all ... anyway, what it did mean is that I was in the audience - and what a joy that was. I thought the concert was great. Anna, Sharon, Sé and Phelim fab as soloists (and so brave) and the small group singing and different groupings worked well ...Our newer members did brilliantly ... The diversity in the first half was impressive - and included a couple of cheerful numbers so that was good!! When it came to the second half I was so proud of you all - Coal for Mike was really powerful - and beautifully performed - very different to hear from 'below' than to partake in - and the Lavender Song was a real treat - and actually moved me to tears - honest - it touched me really deeply and reminded me of why I - and presumably you - choose to sing in a queer/ LGBT choir.

I thought it was brill tonight so enjoyable. It has been so much fun spending time with all of you [voice part]s. So glad I joined.

Well I've been singing with you all for a few months now and I've had so much fun, sung such exciting things with you, and felt so welcomed that I want you all to know how pleased I am I joined you. Truly, I had not expected that kind of musical challenge and wide ranging repertoire at all. Or so many rehearsals! and for such a dizzy soprano the choreography has added a whole other dimension..... the Rainbow Chorus dynamic has a real sparkle and lack of 'side' and people have been really kind about giving me that bit of extra support while I've not been well. I'm gonna miss singing for - is it 3 whole weeks and gonna miss seeing you all for nearly as long.

I sat in that audience and was very proud to be a member of Rainbow Chorus and very envious that I was not there on stage with you. Well done everybody! (From Various Voices)

Choral Propaganda looked and sounded amazing - and the choreography and costumes looked fabulous! Mucho congratulations. (From Various Voices)

Wasn't it fantastic? Fabulous atmosphere and amazing workshop leaders, conductors and voice coaches; Carmina Burana- what an experience, rehearsing and singing that; and actually really truly singing Choral Propaganda in the Royal Festival Hall! Not at all badly either, I think. (From Various Voices)

Hazel O’Connor at The Old Market (2006)
To be able to look down all our faces from my handy vantage point at the end of the line was such a beautiful sight with so many joyous faces. I don't think I've ever felt so 'with' everyone else in a performance and I think that's due to our increased confidence, the great arrangements, the rhythms, songs, musicians, Hazel's enthusiasm, and the audience's obvious enjoyment. My brother and another friend of mine who were there last night both thought it was a really excellent performance and judging by the audience reaction (including standing ovation) that seems to be a widespread feeling...
So, I'd like to thank each and every one of you that yesterday helped make an evening that's going to stay in my memory, and my heart, for a long, long time.

I'm still buzzing from it too - haven't come down to earth. Can't get the songs out of my head either! Think I am beginning to annoy the others round the house! An experience which will stay with me a long while also.

Well it almost seems like a dream now..........
To join in the mutual back slapping I just wish to thank everyone for pulling off a most fantastic show, the highlight of my singing career to date, its great to be part of such an amazing bunch of people.

It was a FAB gig. Thanks to absolutely everyone for the commitment, energy and talent that made it so successful.

West Side Story for Pride Week (2007)
It's very unusual for me to express gushing emotions, but I woke up today albeit hungover but also with a profound sense of joy and a grin on my face. Thanks for a really enjoyable and life affirming experience last night. I'm very happy that my friends came along to support me but I'm quite overwhelmed that they were genuinely impressed by the choir’s professionalism, they also commented on how entertaining we were. The Rainbow Chorus has impacted really positively on my life ...

I was sad not to have been an active part of such a fabulous performance, but the consolation of actually witnessing it from the audience was huge! The first half was lovely and immaculately presented but West Side Story surpassed everything we have done. The whole choir became animated, the costumes were fabulous, the numbers perfect and the scripted interludes were inspired! A thoroughly terrific evening

And what a fabulous night we in my 3 years with the choir!! Thank you all very much.

... what a brilliant night, a real joy to take part in. A very big thank-you to all who did so much to organise, dramatise and generally make it a wow.

It was my first proper Chorus show (on an actual stage rather than in a lorry!) and I loved every minute! There was such a fabulous sense of 'community' and I think that really came through in our performance... as did the fact we were actually really enjoying ourselves!

I think it was a milestone in our performances and that that not only was it such a joy to sing, and a lot of fun, but the comments I heard from everyone to whom I talked emphasised how "tight" (I don't think he meant drunk!) we were, "professional", "when you stop you stop" and that we delivered a real quality performance. I'm very proud to sing with you all and I really look forward to whatever we tackle next.

Romantic Reaction, Brighton Festival Fringe (2008)
... a really fantastic evening

It was my first concert, and I was really impressed and moved by how well we all sang together!  I'm really looking forward to being part of many more concerts with you all!

Sunday opening at the Jubilee Library (2008)
The high spot for me was the two little girls coming up to Glen, who was seated at his keyboard outside the library, and giving him 50p each. Glen said he should have had a hat!

It was my first concert, and I was really impressed and moved by how well we all sang together!  I'm really looking forward to being part of many more concerts with you all!

World AIDS Day (2008)
At work we were running an event today and a random person who was obviously at the concert came up to me today and said how well we'd done so I'd also like to echo those sentiments.