Pride and (No) Prejudice 2010
Our Rainbow Chorus Time Machine allowed us to showcase some of our heroes and heroines from the past (and the future?)
bike float

Cycling through time

Pride2010-002 [Desktop Resolution]


Pride2010-003 [Desktop Resolution]

Lady GaGa

Pride2010-004 [Desktop Resolution]

60s superstar

Pride2010-005 [Desktop Resolution]

Wicked gentlemen

Pride2010-006 [Desktop Resolution]

Alexander the Great

Pride2010-013 [Desktop Resolution]

Historical Snapshot

Pride2010-018 [Desktop Resolution]

The 21st and 17th centuries meet!

Pride2010-019 [Desktop Resolution]

Michael checks the time - "What year is this?"

Pride2010-022 [Desktop Resolution]

Our wonderful wheel stewards without whom there could have been no float

Pride2010-023 [Desktop Resolution]

All aboard

Pride2010-025 [Desktop Resolution]


Pride2010-026 [Desktop Resolution]

Singing along

Pride2010-039 [Desktop Resolution]


Pride2010-030 [Desktop Resolution]

Markie keeps intruders from the wheels

Pride2010-031 [Desktop Resolution]

Don't Stop Me Now! I'm having such a good time ...

Pride2010-035 [Desktop Resolution]