Pride in Paris 2007
Our fantastic trip to Paris as guests of the lovely and generous Podium Paris.
Homme rouge, homme vert

Homme rouge, homme vert!

Matt & Arnaud chatting

The 2 MDs have a natter

Podium rehearsal

Rehearsal time

Antoine continues to lead a fantastic singing session

A fantastic time singing togther with Antoine their accompanist

Moulin Rouge by Night

Say no more!

Déjeuner 4 (Stephen, Michael & Richard)

Stephen, Michael & Richard

Louvre pyramid

Le Louvre

Une Nuit d'Equivox  016

The fabulous Equivox

Une Nuit d'Equivox  017

Still fab ...


Melo'men were on first

Rainbow Chorus 2

Then us!

Still singing in English!

Singing in English

Podium perform   002


Woman signer and Podium

One of their two signers

Male signer and Podium

The other signer

Comme d'habitude

All three choirs perform "Comme d'habitude" (My Way)

Antoine plays


Rob takes the stage

Rob gets a bit funky!

La Tour Eiffel

What's that called again!?

Simon, Wayne, Glen and Podium

Let the Seine take the strain

Kev, Stephen & Simon

Kev, Stephen and Simon

Folies Bergère

Ooh la la ...

Podium float 2

Happy feet

Stephen manhandled by Podium guys

It's rapprochment - honest!

Mrs Doubtfire

What can I say - stunning